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Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit Review

Gone are the days when people would consider owning a gun or firearm a taboo. Now it has become common, and many people from all walks of life keep a firearm for different purposes. However, owning a firearm

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How to Deal With an Intruder in Your Home

Have you ever heard a noise in the middle of the night and wondered if it might be an intruder? This is a terrifying thought. Because your family’s safety is your top priority, you need to know what

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Top 5 Home Self Defense Weapons to Keep Your Family Safe

In 2012, there were over 354,000 robberies nationwide.It’s the unfortunate truth many robberies happen, and hopefully, the victims were protected. In the awful case that you become a victim of a

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10 Rifle Cleaning Tips: Keeping Your Gun In Top Shape

If you want to dramatically extend the lifespan of your firearm, you’re going to have to keep it clean. Of course, the cleaning technique that you use is going to depend on the kind of gun that you are

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Top 7 Gun Safety Rules

So you’re a gun owner. If the need arises, you’re ready to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. Or, maybe you’re a hunter who intends to use your gun in the wild.Whatever your

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How to Choose the Best Handgun for Home Defense

With over a million home invasions happening every year, many families fear what would happen if someone broke into their home. If you’re worried about home defense and are considering buying a weapon,

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