Everything You Need To Know About Gun Cleaning Kits

Everything You Need To Know About Gun Cleaning Kits

For many folks, a well-maintained gun is a matter of great pride and joy. This why serious gun enthusiasts put in so much effort in cleaning and maintaining their firearms.

But for optimal results, you need to invest in a top-notch gun cleaning kit. Having a clean gun isn't just important for improved performance and accuracy but can also minimize the risks of accidents.

Gun Cleaning Kits

Cleaning the gun prevents malfunctions that can lead to dangerous consequences. Want to learn more?

This detailed guide will help you learn everything there is to know about gun cleaning kits and proper gun maintenance.

What Is A Gun Cleaning Kit?

A gun cleaning kit is a comprehensive kit that includes all the accessories you will need to clean your firearms. You can either purchase a pre-assembled kit from a tactical or sporting goods store or buy all the components separately. Here’s everything a basic set includes:

  • Gun oil
  • Bore brush
  • Cleaning solvent
  • Patches and a patch holder
  • Cleaning rod
  • Cotton swabs
  • Nylon cleaning brush
  • Microfiber cloths necessary for polishing
  • Flashlight

Why Is Cleaning Your Gun Important?

Every time you fire your gun, the bullet leaves behind powder and debris inside the gun’s chamber and barrel. The accumulation of dirt and debris inside the gun can cause hindrance while shooting, preventing you from firing a good shot.

Such dirt and debris can get in the way of your enjoyable shooting experience, causing the gun to malfunction. Additionally, if you live in a place with high moisture content, the moisture inside your gun can cause rusting, leading to irreversible damage.

A well-maintained gun not only results in more accurate shots but also effects the overall longevity of the device.

Why You Need Gun Cleaning Kit

Here are a few important reasons that outline the benefit of a gun cleaning kit:


Thanks to pre-assembled gun cleaning kits, you won't have to worry about purchasing cleaning accessories for your firearms. The comprehensive kit will already contain everything you will need to help your gun look brand new.

Convenience of Gun Cleaning Kits

This feature is particularly beneficial for folks who have never cleaned a gun before as the kit will probably come with a set of instructions that will help you in the cleaning process. Additionally, if you have any problems at all, you can reach out to the manufacturer.

Prolong The Life Of Your Firearm

Do you have a pistol that has been passed down from generation to generation? Well, that is all thanks to proper gun maintenance. Investing in a gun cleaning kit will ensure your firearms last for several years without any problems.

Importance Of Firearm Maintenance

Like any other tool, firearms also require proper maintenance to function efficiently. Whether you are fond of hunting or take up shooting as a sport, cleaning the weapon is important for ensuring accuracy. It will also minimize the risks of accidents. While it may seem like a lot of work, firearm maintenance is worth the effort. Here's why it's important:

Ensures Longevity Of The Firearm

Cleaning and regular maintenance can help your gun collection last several years, possibly even generations. If you're using a gun that was previously used by your great-grandfather, then it's probably all thanks to proper gun maintenance and cleaning.

Ensures Longevity Of The Firearm

Other factors such as oiling and storing the gun in a moisture-free spot will also preserve it for a long time. If your gun includes a wooden inert or handle, you may have to put in extra effort to guarantee the longevity of the device. Depending on the kind of wood, you can use wax or some other type of specialized product to help the firearm look its best.

Helps You Learn More About How The Gun Works

Sure, you're probably know how to use a gun (we would be concerned if you didn't!) but how much do you know about the internal working of the device. Cleaning and maintenance will help you learn more about how your gun works and how the different components interact with each other.

Some guns may be more complicated to assemble whereas others may be much easier to put together. You don't necessarily have to be gun smart, but the activity will add to your knowledge

Prevents Malfunctions

Like other weapons, firearms are built to last for a long time. This probably why it has so many safety features in place to reduce the risk of accidents. However, the accumulation of dirt and debris in the gun barrels can lead to malfunctions and dangerous consequences.

Prevents Malfunctions

To minimize problems caused by negligence and user error, consider cleaning and performing regular maintenance on your gun. Regular maintenance is essential if you use your gun for shooting every other gun. A rusty old can increase the chances of malfunctions.

Ensures Reliability

You probably never want your firearm to leave you in a compromising situation. Reliability is crucial when it comes to self-defense which is why you should pay utmost importance to gun cleaning and maintenance. Having a gun with a rusted barrel or bullet powder can lead to fatal accidents. Conduct proper and regular maintenance to ensure safety.

Gun Cleaning Kit Parts You Need To Know About

Here are some of the most important cleaning kit parts you need to know about:

Right Cleaning Substance

For effective cleaning, you will need a good cleaning solvent/agent that will properly remove lead, carbon and other substances from the internal parts of the gun.

You will also need a degreaser for removing oil and dirt from the moving parts of the gun while a lubricant will help protect the internal parts of the gun from rust and corrosion. Some kits also include a protectant that acts as a water-repellant that prevents corrosion.


Cotton patches can be found in almost all gun cleaning kit models and are essential when it comes to proper gun maintenance. Cotton patches are used to clean the bore of the gun. Inspect the number of patches that you will get with your purchase.

Patches Gun Cleaning Kits

Since they are made using cotton, you’ll have to use a clean one everything you clean the bore. Remember not to use the same patch again. Coat the patch with solvent and pass it through the bore. Since these cleaning tools are fairly inexpensive, you can use it to clean other parts of the gun as well.

The Loop Or Jag

The loop or jag are the different names companies have given to the little attachments found at the end of cleaning rods. The attachment holds the cleaning patch in place while you clean the gun.

The loop holds the cleaning patch similar to how a needle holds a thread while a jag holds the patch at the end of a point. You'll need these accessories to clean the inside of the barrel. Carefully choose between bronze and brass options. Avoid purchasing plastic models as they tend to break easily.


All cleaning kit includes cleaning brushes that make it easier for gun enthusiasts to clean up the gun barrel. Look for cleaning kits that offer metal brushes as opposed to plastic ones. Bronze metals work best since the material does not scratch the internal parts of the gun.


If you're more into light cleaning, you'll be fine with nylon cleaning brushes. It's worth keeping in mind that these brushes need to be replaced from time to time.

Gun Cleaning Pad

Most gun cleaning kits include a cleaning pad that keeps oils and solvents from leaking onto your desk or workplace. You can wash the cleaning pad once you complete the maintenance process. While this isn't an essential accessory, it makes the task less messy.

Bore Guide

The bore guide is an important component that keeps the rod aligned at the center of the bore. This feature prevents damage to any of the other components of the gun.

Types Of Gun Cleaning Kits

When purchasing a gun cleaning kit, you'll find that there are two main types to choose from, namely Gun Specified Cleaning Kit and Universal Cleaning Kit. Invest in a suitable option according to the type of gun you have at home. Here’s everything you need to know about both the types:

Universal Cleaning Kit

Universal cleaning kits can be used to clean all types of guns and firearms. This type of option is great for users who have a large gun collection and don't want to go through the trouble of buying many cleaning accessories. A Universal Cleaning Kit serves as a cost-effective solution to effective firearm maintenance.

However, this type of kit is not suitable for folks who don't have a large gun collection since you won't end up using all the accessories. Another potential downside is that firearms will probably benefit more from customized cleaning kits. This kit is still a good option if you want to save money and don't have the time to assemble a gun cleaning kit of your own.

Universal Cleaning Kit

Gun Specified Cleaning Kit

Some cleaning kits are only for specific guns. For instance, long arms such as shotgun and rifles may require additional accessories such as long ropes (known as snakes) to clean the barrel. These kits may also include a flashlight so that you can see the inside the gun and clean the unwanted debris.

However, you won't require these accessories if you're cleaning a handgun or a pistol. Buying a gun-specific cleaning kit is a good option if you only collect a specific type of gun and do not want to waste money on an expensive kit. It is also a good option if you're a newbie and plan on expanding your gun collection in the future.

How To Clean Your Gun

Once you have invested in the best gun cleaning kit, it time you finally initiate the cleaning process. While cleaning a gun isn’t too hard, it does require some experience and practice. Once you have watched a few tutorials online and are aware of the basic steps, you will be able to clean the gun cleaning kit efficiently.

Don’t let all the cleaning tools intimidate you, after reading this guide, your firearm will be as soon as new. However, keep in mind that some guns require specialized cleaning kits. Follow this step by step guide to get started:

Prepare The Tools In A Well-Ventilated Area

It is essential you clean the gun in a well-ventilated room or area, away from pets and children. Solvent fumes contain toxins that can be harmful to your health. Inhalation of these toxins can make you sick so ensure you initiate the cleaning process in a well-ventilated open room. The solvents typically have a foul smell so keep the solution away from your family.

Prepare The Tools In A Well-Ventilated Area

Additionally, the fumes from the solvent can b potentially dangerous and harmful to your health if inhaled. If you’re working in a desk, cover the surface with newspapers, plastic bags or old towels. Ensure the room is well-lit so that you can see all the components properly.

Disassemble The Gun According To The Manufacturer's Requirements

Check the owner’s manual before disassembling the gun and prepare the cleaning kit. Separating all the parts will allow you to clean every nick and cranny of the gun. Ensure the gun has been unloaded to avoid any dangerous accidents before cleaning.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions while preparing the gun for cleaning. Here are a few instructions you should keep in mind:

Semi-automatic rifles and pistols feature major parts including guide rod, magazine, slide, barrel, and frame. It's worth keeping in mind that you don't need to separate the components of shotguns and revolvers to clean them.

Field stripping is not required unless you need to clean the weapon carefully. So don't take apart the gun unless you need to and it may become difficult for you to put back all the components together.

Start Cleaning The Barrel

The barrel is the internal part of the gun. Dirt, debris, and powder from the bullet will accumulate in the gun similar to other kinds of grime. To ensure it is clean, you will have to use an appropriately-sized bore brush to clean the weapon.

Start Cleaning The Barrel

Attach the brush to the cleaning rod, and you'll be good to go. Once you have attached the brush, dip it with solvent and use it to clean the barrel. Scrub the brush back and forth multiple times to loosen dirt and other kinds of debris. You may have to reapply the solvent a few more times.

Use A Patch

For the next step, attach a cotton patch to the cleaning rod to remove grime and debris from the barrel. The patch helps collect particles which may have broken down because of the solvent.

Lubricate The Barrel

If your gun cleaning kit comes with a lubricant, use the gun oil to bring life into the gun again. Apply oil on the cleaning patch and pass it through the barrel. The oil will act as a protective layer for your weapon

Optional Step If You’re Cleaning A Revolver

If you're cleaning a revolver, you'll have to follow this extra step. Revolvers contain chambers that you need to clean separately. Most revolvers feature a long barrel similar to most firearms. Similarly, clean the chambers to how you clean the barrel. However, do this with much more attention.

Use the solvent and patches to clean and wipe down all the essential parts of the gun. This step will help remove traces of solvents and other impurities that may have been present. It is also essential that you clean the outer exterior of the gun.

For an extra use, add a thin layer of oil on the exterior using a patch. This step will help the outside of the firearm look just as clean as the inside.

Safety Precautions For Cleaning Your Gun

Here are a couple of safety precautions you should keep in mind while cleaning your gun:

Never clean the gun with anyone else present in the room, especially pets and children. Find a quiet place where you can clean the gun without any distractions. Inform your family and friends that you’re about to clean your firearms so that they don’t disturb you.

It's best you clean your gun collection in a room where there is no ammunition store. This step reduces the risks of dangerous accidents.

Safety Precautions For Cleaning Your Gun

If you’re working with multiple cleaners and solvents, consider using eye protection to clean the guns. All it will take is one splash or hit to damage your eyesight or turn you into a pirate.

Watch where you point the muzzle of the gun. Never point it at something that you wouldn’t want to destroy. Consider investing in a bullet-proof panel to make your task easier.

Check multiple times to ensure that you unload your gun

Don’t put on headphones or watch TV while cleaning the gun. While it may sound absurd but there are many stories of how people have accidentally shot themselves while cleaning their guns. Try to understand the seriousness of the situation and take preventive measures to ensure the safety of yourself and the people around you.

Proper Gun Maintenance

Proper cleaning and maintenance are important if you want to prolong the time of your firearm. Follow these important steps to ensure the longevity of the device:

Clean The Gun After Every Use

You might not have the time to thoroughly clean your gun afterward so you might as well make it a point to clean after each use. Whether you're into hunting or enjoy shooting as a sport, ensure the gun gets plenty of attention.

Clean The Gun After Every Use

Investing in a good quality gun will also determine how long it will last. The entire cleaning process may take around 20 to 30 minutes, but it will be worth the effort. In fact, consider taking out old guns from the closet and cleaning them too.

Consider Investing In Ultrasonic Cleaners Or A Barrel Snake

Consider investing in a barrel snake or ultrasonic cleaners. You will also find many other advanced types of accessories that will help you get the job done. Barrel snakes are particularly great for rifles and shotguns. Some also feature lights so that you can see the end of the barrel much more easily. This feature cuts down time and makes the job much easier.

Store The Guns Unloaded In A Dry And Cool Environment

To guarantee the longevity of the gun, ensure you store it in a cool and dry environment. Keep the guns away from added moisture. It is best that you store the firearms indoors inside a temperature-controlled environment. We also suggest you invest in trigger locks so that nobody can tamper the gun.

Store The Guns Unloaded In A Dry And Cool Environment

You'll also find plenty of different types of hard and soft gun cases on the market as cheap as $20. If you have kids or have roommates, we suggest you purchase lockable gun cabinets for this purpose. As storing the gun in a clean and safe environment is important for your safety.


Follow the instructions mentioned above for proper gun cleaning and maintenance. For more information about the best gun cleaning kits, check out our detailed buyer's guide. The guide also includes a list of some of our favorite products that you are sure to love. Good luck!