Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit Review

Hoppe's Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

Gone are the days when people would consider owning a gun or firearm a taboo. Now it has become common, and many people from all walks of life keep a firearm for different purposes. However, owning a firearm can be dangerous if you do not know much about the guns. It is imperative that you have the sufficient knowledge about your weapon.

Proper and safe gun ownership includes everything from maintenance (gun cleaning) to its safe storage. It further includes the marksmanship practice to keep your guns in a spick and span condition. Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit, in this regard, is very helpful if you own a firearm.

Hoppe’s Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

If cleaning firearms is a part of your routine, Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit is a must-to-have product that will help you keep your weapon ready to perform. The fabulous kit contains a wide range of high-grade cleaning accessories that are specially designed to make gun maintenance a breeze.

Product Features

  • Contains a sturdy cleaning rod
  • Has phosphor bronze cleaning brush for short guns
  • Includes all the essential accessories for cleaning guns
  • Contains caliber swab
  • Contains rifle phosphor
  • Has adapter brass for shotguns and rifles
  • Aluminum cleaning-rods (3 pieces)
  • Includes four slotted ends and five swabs
  • Pistol and shotgun adaptable
  • Contains nine phosphor brushes to fit different calibers
  • Custom tailored to cater different guns

Product Benefits

There is no denying that Hoppe’s is a reputable and trusted brand that has never disappointed its customers. The company has managed to maintain the product quality when we specifically assess the distinguishing features of Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit.

‘The Great for All Purpose’ kit has undeniably left behind its competitors with its incredible features.

Whether it is about cleaning your 20-year-old shotgun or brand new rifle, Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit has everything to keep your firearm in a top notch condition. It is a heavy duty cleaning kit, designed for cleaning a wide range of barrels and weapons of all sizes.

It comes with nine aluminum brushes that can efficiently clean almost all kinds of a firearm from pistol to shotgun. Similarly, the kit contains a sturdy cleaning rod that works for all types of firearms.

Hoppe’s has incorporated a ball bearing handle in each cleaning rod that swivel and follow rifle’s bore. You get a wide range of phosphor bronze brushes designed to clean shotgun barrels. It includes;

  • 270/7mm
  • 357/9mm
  • 40/10mm
  • 44/.45 calibers

Each of these nine brushes comprises stout bristles to ensure efficient cleaning. Not only this, the kit contains a caliber bronze brush that makes it a go-to product for hunting enthusiasts and handgun owners.

Plus, it has five cotton swabs for twelve and twenty gauges. The swabs are made of 100 percent pure cotton material, ensuring a high-quality cleaning. The easy-to wash swabs are reusable. They are incredibly gentle, soft and safe for your hands.

Using Hoppe's Cleaning Kit

Furthermore, Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit contains an adapter brass, designed explicitly for rifles. You can also use it for cleaning shotguns. The accessory kit makes firearm cleaning simple, even if you are cleaning carnies and nooks of your weapons.

The slotted ends are another smart accessory in the kit that you can use with patches. The good thing about these slotted ends is that they are highly compatible with the cleaning rods. Hoppe’ has used quality material to make slotted ends.

If you want a 100 percent performance of this kit, Hoppe’s sells some great cleaning solvents such as Synthetic Lubricating Oil, Bore Snake, and Gun Bore Cleaner. All the solvents offer superior protection to your tools and reduce corrosion and moisture, leaving your firearms spotless.


  • Comes with a good storage option
  • Has appealing oak-wood look
  • Excellent for high-grade precision tools
  • Effective cleaning
  • Sturdy brass rods, high-quality brushes, and mops
  • Compartmentalized storage option for convenient access
  • Top quality cleaning liquids
  • Ideal for gauges and calibers
  • Comes with  Hoppe’s  guide


  • The wooden box is prone to easy breakage

What Others Saying

Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit has become one of the preferred firearm cleaning kits for the buyers –especially beginners. Due to its durable and sturdy tools, it is highly popular among handgun owners.

While other manufacturers lack when you talk about variety, buyers are delighted to get a range of cleaning rods, swabs and bronze brushes catering to all types of firearms.

Moreover, the high-quality material and synthetics solvents are some other features that have made the product buyer-favorite. They have voiced on multiple forums how Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit has made firearm cleaning a convenient task.

Buying Advice

Most buyers have complained that wooden box is fragile and gets cracked easily. However, the low cost of Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit makes it a considerably better choice than any fancy set of a cleaning kit. Those who are experienced gun owners know that how pricey cleaning kits can be.

Hoppe's Universal Gun Cleaning Accessory Kit

Source: ebay.com

Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit in this regard is an exception as it’s is incredibly cost-efficient. For a beginner, who does not want to spend much on the gun accessory kits, Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit makes a perfect deal for you. The product can be bought under $35 from Amazon if you are interested in buying

Final Verdict

All in all, Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit is one of the most appreciated gun accessory kit. It comes loaded with some amazing brushes, rods, solvents and precision tools to make your firearm ready to perform in no time.

The accessory kit is extremely lightweight and very reliable for different types of shotguns, pistols, and rifles. There is no doubt that it is a versatile cleaning kit that efficiently cleans a variety of gun types. Thus, the kit can do wonders to provide an excellent shooting experience and keeps your firearm in the best condition.