How to Choose the Best Handgun for Home Defense

best handgun

best handgun

With over a million home invasions happening every year, many families fear what would happen if someone broke into their home. If you’re worried about home defense and are considering buying a weapon, you need to make sure you get the best handgun for the job.

You’ll need to search carefully for a firearm you feel comfortable with and that can do the job when things get out of hand.

Here are three questions to ask yourself when searching for the best handgun.

1. Is It The One You Trained With?

When you’re purchasing a gun for home safety, you need to know that you can use it correctly and accurately if you’re under attack. However, if you’re not comfortable using it, you could discharge it incorrectly or be unable to use it in a moment’s notice.

Every gun owner should be trained to use their firearm. They should also be trained to use the firearm they own. If you use a different model or a gun by a different manufacturer, the unfamiliarity might throw off your aim or cause you to hurt yourself.

After you purchase your gun, go to a range with it so that you can get a feel for using it.

2. How is the Locking and Safety Mechanism?

If you’re keeping a handgun to protect your family, you also need to keep your kids and your loved ones safe from hurting themselves with it. The best way to do that is to have a gun with a reliable safety that fits in a proper locker.

A handgun that’s hard to lock or with a safety that doesn’t work reliably could end up causing more harm than you intend. If you’ve got a trigger lock, make sure you get a handgun that fits it.

Get some practice with working with your locking and safety. The best handgun should have an intuitive safety for easy usage.

3. Will It Supplement Your Other Safety Measures?

If you’re buying a handgun for home defense, the best handgun won’t suffice if the intruders you’re worried about are already on your property. Your handgun should be easy to use and be a good supplement to a security system.

Give yourself time to get and to load your weapon by installing a strong security system to protect the perimeter of your home. The best handgun will be easy to load and to get comfortable within a moment’s notice.

Make sure you keep it clean so when it’s time for action, it’s ready to fire.

The Best Handgun Will Make You Feel Secure

You’ll know that you’ve found the best handgun for home defense when you no longer fear a home invasion.

While most intruders are scared off by the presence of a dog, having a gun in the mix, in the hands of someone who knows how to use it, will fix the situation. You’ll be sure to take the situation up a notch to get any intruder to decide whether or not the TV in their hands is worth the risk.

If you want to make sure your gun is clean and ready for action, check out our guide to gun cleaning kits to make sure there are no hiccups with your firearm.