Top 5 Home Self Defense Weapons to Keep Your Family Safe

home self defense weapons

home self defense weapons

In 2012, there were over 354,000 robberies nationwide.

It’s the unfortunate truth many robberies happen, and hopefully, the victims were protected. In the awful case that you become a victim of a robbery, it’s important to have a way to protect your family and home.

When purchasing home self defense weapons, make sure you are educated and trained on how to use them properly. They are not toys and should be taken seriously, and they should be stored away and kept out from the reach of children.

Below are 5 of the best self defense weapons for your home. Keep reading to keep your family safe.

1. Gun

Guns are a sure way to protect you and your family from intruders and one of the best home defense weapons. When purchasing a gun, make sure to complete extensive research, fill out the proper paperwork, take safety courses, and talk with your family about gun safety.

Educating yourself and your family is a top priority when owning a gun. Practice shooting at a shooting range to know how to use it in case there is a home intruder.

Even if you aren’t actively using the gun, make sure to keep the gun clean. If you are unsure how to clean a guy or how to choose a gun cleaning kit, turn to a professional or trusted site.

2. Taser

If you aren’t comfortable having a gun, purchasing a taser to use as a home self defense weapon is also a great option. Tasers are light and less expensive than a gun.

Do keep in mind if you choose to use a taser, you will have to get closer to the intruder. If you have a taser, keep it away from small children and teach them it is not a toy.

Making your home childproof in case of young ones is always important and could save them from injury.

3. Knife

Knives are common household items used when cooking but can also be great when defending your home. If needed, keep one locked away near your bedside table in case of an intruder.

4. Baseball Bat

If your child plays baseball or you’ve felt like picking up the old hobby, get plenty of use out of the baseball bat and use it as a home self defense weapon.

With one good swing, you can knock an intruder unconscious, allowing for more time to take further action. Make sure you research key points to strike the body and waste no time in case you have to swing on someone.

5. Pepper Spray

Affordable, portable, and reliable, pepper spray is one of the best home defense weapons. Keep it in a bedside drawer, and no one will ever know.

When traveling outside of the home, it’s easy to carry in a bag or car.

The Best Home Self Defense Weapons

There are plenty of options on the market as far as home self defense weapons. When choosing which one to buy for your home, make sure you do the research.

If you need more information on gun cleaning kits and the best way to go about purchasing one, check out the rest of our site.